Dogubeyazyt was like any other border town I guess although it felt safe enough and the accommodation was cheapish too including breakfast.

The road up from Van was nice too with a decent surface and nice scenery. This was only interrupted once by about 4 wild dogs viscously chasing and barking at us. We were quite taken aback when we accelerated up to around 60mph and they were still beside us. The kids from the settlements were not much better, Helen saw one who was about 4 picking up a rock the size of his head to throw at us. Not quite sure what the reason is they do it for. Boredom? Hatred? Jealousy? Robbery? Answers on a postcard…

On the road up it was strange to think that the other side of the mountains was Iran and that we would be there tomorrow (Inshallah). The area seemed a little dodgy overall with checkpoints on the road but the guys there were friendly enough. I wondered how much fuel must come over some of the mountain tracks from Iran where it is cheap to Turkey where it is very expensive. I made a mental note not to help anyone with baggage at the border…

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