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Cushman Build

Post by pietenpol2002 » Sat Jan 19, 2013 2:10 pm

First - it's not a diesel. However, the build is noteworthy in several regards. This lad did a nice job of building a vintage looking bike with salvage parts that one wouldn't typically consider using. But, more to the point is the means by which he gets power from the conventional north-south arrangement to the offset shaft drive. It appears he used an oil-fed bearing carrier bolted to the side of the transmission with a chain to the output shaft of the trans - clean, simple. He also turned the CX500 final drive hub down to shrink fit inside a CB750 spoked hub. But, you can see all that so look for yourself.

BTW, the 3 speed trans would also have a reverse which would make for a nice sidecar rig. I can't remember who made the Cushman trans but it was also used clear back to the Nash automobile. They went to an aluminum case about 1980 and this is the same trans they put behind the 3 cyl petrol Daihatsu. Which causes one to wonder whether it could be bolted up to the 3 cyl diesel. The Cushman engines are also still in production.
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