Smart BMW K100 adapter and other laser cut plates

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Smart BMW K100 adapter and other laser cut plates

Post by touchwoodsden » Tue Jan 05, 2016 10:01 am

One day, I’m going to put pages together charting progress of my K100 Smart.Beemer
Meanwhile, some of the posts are going to be a little disjointed until I have got something good to report. I have lots of photographs and lots of words already but want to put up something meaningful.
I have designed the adapter plates to mount the Smart engine onto the BMW gearbox and sketched them out. I was a draughtsman 45 years ago so I have a reasonable idea of what’s needed although a lot of it is simply a case of drawing round a casting!
I’m getting plates made for
1. gearbox face,
2. engine rear face,
3. exhaust manifold (to turn it upside down),
4. turbo wastegate actuator (to turn it upside down),
4a EGR blanking plate,
5. water pump outlet retention plate (allows the elbow to be turned through 90° so the pipes line up better)
6. alternator adjustment strap (mine was missing and eBay hasn’t come up with anything)
7. oil sump flange (one day I am going to get a sump made in stainless).
Anyway, to cut a long story short, I waved my beautifully prepared (on the rear of wallpaper) drawings in front of the laser cutter man only to be met with the sharp sucking through teeth.
I won’t bore you with the details but I decided to get them all converted to CAD, if, for no other reason, I can then ask a couple of firms to let me have quotes. I will have the drawings later today/this evening.
Yes, I could probably have had them done by someone as a favour for the price of some beer but sometimes it’s better to simply be a paying customer and then, you can jump up and down and scream and shout and beat the door down if the whole job goes pear-shaped.
A few things might need tweaking but at least it’s a major start.
It has cost me 50 quid to get them redrawn and if anybody wants a copy of the drawings, I let them have them for 10 squids just so I get my money back eventually.
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