Motocross boost bottle on diesel?

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Motocross boost bottle on diesel?

Post by charlie_ctt » Wed Dec 21, 2011 12:15 pm

I have a little question.
Have anyone every put motocross boost bottles on a small diesel motor (l100 etc). Is their any reason why this would not work. As i have seen boost bottles on 50cc mopeds but never herd of people using them on diesel engines. On that note haven't really hear many people tuning diesel generators ha.

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Re: Motocross boost bottle on diesel?

Post by XLerate » Thu Dec 22, 2011 3:26 am

Welcome, Charlie!

So you hit the ground running here. One problem with a boost bottle on a gasser or a diesel is how to properly tune the mixture?

Are you going to tune heavy enough to have stochiometric mixture at full boost, or during normal running without boost? If you adjust for normal running then you're critically lean at boost: seized pistons! If you adjust fuel for full boost then you're way too rich for normal running, with clouds of black smoke continually & horrible mileage.

On a gasser, theoretically, you could modify [with great difficulty] the high speed needle jet/slide piston assembly with a lever and solenoid to slam the lever to give full rich when boost bottle solenoid kicks. Not possible to do that on a fuel injected engine.

Overall it falls back to an old adage: 'There's no replacement for displacement'. From there you also have methanol injection or possibly propane as a power adder, but again somewhat risky.

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