SUPER charger... SOOPAH!

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SUPER charger... SOOPAH!

Post by omegahound » Sun Dec 06, 2015 4:54 am

So on my yanclone 10hp, I connected a 94'ish jaguar xj6 smog pump to supercharge the engine and after choking with too small a pulley and moving to one about the right size (almost as big as the cvt pulley), I got about 5psi or so. I was able to go about 50-100 feet before: the belt came off, the electrical cable to the clutch came loose, a worm gear clamp broke from extended abuse, the pump slid down onto an accessory wire on the positive battery connector, smoke and flames came from the insulation, and I finally cut open the electrical tape from the intake to let enough air into the engine to ride back into the garage. Proof of concept has been established that the thing works. I need to just have better hardware in place to keep everything more secure. At least I know that there is a definite hum when the smog pump / supercharger is running.

Anyway know a valve that allow intake air to come into the engine when/if the supercharger cuts out? It would have to be added to the 1 1/2 pipe intake.

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Re: SUPER charger... SOOPAH!

Post by klondikekid » Fri Jan 22, 2016 6:27 am

Make something with reeds from motorcycle intake? Interesting motorcycle supercharger stuff here, cool old pics too.

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