GTL Diesel (Gas to liquid)

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GTL Diesel (Gas to liquid)

Postby BertTrack » Wed Mar 15, 2017 5:04 am

For a short while now we've been able to buy the GTL variant of diesel fuel at a local fuel station.

So i ran the Skoda empty and filled it up full with GTL to have a go at it. I want to get rid of the price argument to begin with. It's more expensive yes, but it won't stop me experimenting.

My motivation is ofcourse the Track, everytime i've started the thing in the shed you have to run to avoid being impregnated with the exhaust gases from the... well the exhaust.

I'm about 500km into the tank of GTL and i can already tell some things.

1. I have a dashdyno setup that keeps track of data points from the engine. And since using the GTL fuel i've had no soot burning cycles happen.
2. The engine uses a bit more fuel at mid/high rpm and seems to use less when running low rpm (possible explanation: Burn rate is slower?)
3. Less knocking noise when cold and easier start. Does it start to burn easier? Could that also explain 3? I guess it could because less fuel is in the cilinder when it starts to burn and so your uncontrolled burn is less.
4. No, and i can't emphasize this enough: NO smell and or soot from the exhaust. This surpriced me and my collegues we've taken turns smelling the exhaust pipe e.t.c. it's wonderfull.

Now i know the GTL diesel has more energy per kg than diesel but it's density is lower so per liter you have less energy available. And since we've got volumetric control on our fuel this limits the maximum power we have available. (So it's less)

I wonder how the Track will handle it. So pretty soon i'll try and empty all the diesel from it. And give it some GTL.

Has anyone else tried GTL in their bikes/car/engines?
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Re: GTL Diesel (Gas to liquid)

Postby Eddy Wane » Wed Mar 15, 2017 4:12 pm

Hi Bert.
Here in the UK we have Shell V-Power which is probably the same stuff. I normally use Supermarket fuel (cheap) (ish). The diesel guy who works near me recommends using the better fuel at least once every couple of months. Or do not use the cheaper stuff at all. His reason being that modern injectors have very small nozzle jets of 3 microns and cheap fuel can be a problem with the injector because of impurities in the fuel. As you say it does burn better and gives more MPG. Your Track may have the newer injectors in or the normal 6 micron hole size, it being a car engine. The other industrial engine bikes have injectors that will tolerate rubbish fuel to some extent and using the better fuel may not be desirable.
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Re: GTL Diesel (Gas to liquid)

Postby gilburton » Wed Mar 15, 2017 6:26 pm

Don't think GTL is yet available in the UK although Shell appear to be on the verge of doing so.
V power is not GTL.
With the UK about to hammer diesels on road tax and some cities making it difficult to run a diesel they may be on the way out?
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