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Re: Trike conversion

Post by UAofE » Sat Jul 09, 2016 6:37 am

dieselbikin wrote:UAofE,
What was you finally decide on for your final drive ratio and puck weights? Thanks.
Chain drive is 13:45 with a 130/90-15 66P wheel.
Pucks in the Comet 44C are 459 grams for a 2000rpm engage speed. 6 "red" pucks and 3 "red" pucks machined down from 56 grams to 41 grams.
Top speed is 60mph on descents, 50mph flat ground.

Before the end of the year I pan to try a 12 tooth sprocket.
2006 Honda Rebel
Kubota OC95, Comet 44C/44D

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