Alex from Eugene, OR says hello!

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Alex from Eugene, OR says hello!

Post by sideshow » Tue Jul 30, 2013 10:36 pm

Hey everyone!

Been lurking for a bit now, slowly turning an old pipe dream into a (slightly daunting) reality.

A bit of background - I'm a fairly young engineer, working on developing/building/troubleshooting small to medium-sized laboratory equipment for a company here in Oregon. Motorcycles have been a dream of mine since I was a very small kid, but I never got the stones to do anything about it until recently. As of 2-3 years ago, I've been riding a gas :( powered 1985 honda Shadow 700 as my do everything vehicle. Great gas mileage, and a ton of fun adventures, but it's a first bike - my dream bike is still out there.

I started hearing bits and pieces about diesel motorcycles awhile ago, and every piece got me a bit closer to where I'm at now. After a fairly disappointing engineering degree (plenty of book knowledge, next to no practical/hands-on experience), I started thinking about a diesel motorcycle build as a good way of learning/obtaining those skills I missed out on. I love the bizarre looks I get just explaining the project, and I can't wait for the mileage!

My first build, which is just beginning, is going to be taking a 1980 CB750 and turning it into a diesel scrambler - something with enough power to do a 20-mile commute or a longer tour, with the ability to feel comfortable on all the fun forest roads out here in Oregon. We'll see how it goes! Definitely going to be learning a lot. Come check out my build as it goes at: ... =31&t=2654
Project: 1980 CB750 with Hatz 2g40 (CVT)

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