Cant get the idea of a diesel bike out my head!!!!

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Cant get the idea of a diesel bike out my head!!!!

Post by stephenGTSglasgow » Sat Apr 25, 2015 9:16 pm

No doubt your are all here because of the same mindworm.

Thought an into was worth while.

Built and ridden all sorts and styles of bikes over the years. Currently run a Yamaha GTS1000, a home brewed FJ1200 with a Hossack style single sided front swing arm, and a KL250/Bultaco Sherpa trials bike.

Have a hankering to build a diesel touring bike. Thinking about a 1.5 Saxo/Pug/Metro in a chopped and extended FJ1200 rolling chassis as I have access to lots of bits from previous builds. Might even patch in another FFE. Admire those who have built using agricultural/industrial engines, but need a bit more oomph.

Cant make up my mind wither to mount engine along the frame and "live with" a car gearbox with an H Shift, or mount it across the frame and lash up the guts of a bike gearbox and clutch into a home made case behind the block.

Had a good search about the forum looking for an explanation of how a car H shift pattern works on a bike but not seen much comment. The most I've seen is someone saying they only use 2 & 4 gear.

If anyone who has a car gearbox on a bike could let me know how they have managed to access all four/five gears, would warmly welcome the guidance.


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Re: Cant get the idea of a diesel bike out my head!!!!

Post by Stuart » Fri May 15, 2015 8:23 pm

I can't think of a bike using one. Most go into a shaft drive gearbox, the BMW's proving popular. A lighter vehicle will need a lighter clutch of course, so you'd better plan for that as well. You are right to use an automotive engine though as more revs equal better cruising speeds. The Daihatsu charade engine lends itself to be used, the bmw clutch dropping nicely into its flywheel. Any bigger engine may be too heavy to sensibly handle. You'd need it low with a big engine too.
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