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Andy M
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Hello from Yorkshire

Post by Andy M » Tue Dec 22, 2015 10:07 am


Thought I’d say hello. Currently starting a bit of research that may or may not lead to buying a Pricepart Enfield or similar. I’ll probably be reading more than posting.

My current ride is a Moto Guzzi V7. In the past I’ve had Bonnevilles, Enfields, MZ, even a Ural so definitely in the market for an easy to live with plodder rather than anything sporty. My flirtation with “adventure” bikes like GS’s is over, can’t see the point of living with 500Kg every day when I can only use 80HP once a year. It would be nice to take a Bullet to India or round the Baltic again, but unlikely to happen for a year or ten (unless I pick the right 6 numbers!)

The bike would do 10 miles to work every day with a bit of B-road touring of the Peaks, lakes, Scotland etc., possibly further if I get time. I’m looking for something to ride rather than a project, which is why I say the Diesel is only a possibility, I might actually be better with a CB500 or MASH 400 as I can get 65 MPG from the Guzzi, but I’m going to do the research.

Is there a general “living with a Diesel Bullet” thread I should be looking at?



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