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The road over to Gokova was impressive. We had a run up over mountains with terrific views. For some reason we could not fathom a lot of people had arrived at the top of one of these mountains and were … Continue reading

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Selcuk Shopping

Selcuk seemed to be a nice little town, setup to cater both for the tourists going to Ephesus ruins and also for the locals, making it a perfect place to find somewhere to stay. Behind the Museum there were a … Continue reading

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Acropolis (Bergama)

we caught the fast boat from Istanbul to Bandirma. 2 hrs and we cut out around 350km of the traffic madness we had seen in the city before. Unbelievably people were actually trying to overtake us in their cars in … Continue reading

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So we decided to spend 3 nights in Istanbul although we actually left after 2. I had noticed my brake pads at the front worn down to the metal in Bulgaria so Istanbul seemed like the last chance to get … Continue reading

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Brake pads

Just a quıck post. Will do a proper one ın next day or 2. Currently in Istanbul! My bike needs front brake pads if anyone has any ideas… Update = seem to have found something resembling the correct pads in … Continue reading

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Into the chaos

We left the security of the cheapo (and nice) motorway hotel behind with a view to finding a campsite on the outskirts of Istanbul. The Turkey guidebook which we did not have said that the campsites were not worthwhile due … Continue reading

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Gateway to the East

We started the morning with a traditional Bulgarian breakfast of bread, cheese, ham (which looked remarkably like spam!) olives and honey. Bit of a weird combination if you ask me. It was pouring with rain and so with the lack … Continue reading

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