Neil’s Birthday

250 miles to Budapest and we covered them all in one day… Happy Birthday Neil!  The going was tough as very strong crosswinds blew over the motorway.  At times the bike  seemed to be going forward at 70 degrees to the ground rather than 90 and so it was probably best for Neil that the autocoms weren’t on as all he would of heard from me was ‘aaarrrgghh!’

The wind continued to wrestle with us all the way across the border into Hungary but it seems both the Austrians and Hungarians had made the most of these conditions as we were surrounded on all sides by massive wind turbines as far as the eye could see.  It was a little like passing through some sort of alien landscape. unrecognisable as anywhere in particular.

The road was quiet and we only really had trucks and lorries for company and the occasional bird of prey.  We stopped with 20miles to go to Budapest for a rest and commented how Neil had spent his birthday in 2 countries and didn’t even have a present from me to show for it! (I couldn’t fit it in my panniers, honest!)

We were headed for a campsite in Budapest called Bikercamp, run as the name suggests, by 2 motorcyclists.  Unfortunately. after braving Budapest traffic for over an hour, we found them only to be closed.  We headed instead to Haller camping which turned out to be a good twist of fate as it was a really well equipped campsite right in the middle of Budapest.  We were camping in a little patch of green surrounded by high rise flats!

Exhaustion had set in and we were starving so after hurriedly setting up the tent we headed to a local eaterie for some beef stew and some very suspect potatoes.

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