Last day at work…

Thankfully I'm not going to Australia on this bike!

Well my last day at work seemed a pretty appropriate time to add my first post to the website.  I like to think of this as Neil’s department, but considering he’s done basically everything there is to do with the bikes, I thought I’d better show willing!

My last day at work was a very strange experience.  I’m very sad to leave such a lovely bunch of people but very excited at the same time.  I’ve never been out of work or had a break from study since starting medicine 10 years ago, so the prospect of not working for the next 8-9 months seems very foreign. 

As Neil has hinted the phrase ‘what if’  is banned in our house at the moment as, I have come to realise, the list could literally be endless.  I have to admit that part of me is scared stiff if I think too long about what we are about to attempt so I like to think of it in Helen sized chunks i.e. we’re just going to Cork!  Then we’ll  ‘just be going to France’ etc etc.  Although I would never have been brave enough to do anything like this if it hadn’t been for Neil and I feel much safer knowing that he’s there to pick me (and the bike!) up.

My first day off will so far involve packing up the house some more, leaving pannier lids off to be welded, getting oil for my bike, sourcing some covers for both bikes and whatever else I can cram in!

Well I’m off to write another of my many revised ‘to do’ lists…

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2 Responses to Last day at work…

  1. Helen says:

    So I phoned the bank to inform them of what I’ll be doing and the chance of some unusual activity on the card. The lady’s response..”you’re gonna do what?!”
    Not exactly inspiring!

  2. Phyllis Gilmore says:

    Hi Helen, We’re all thinking about you here. Guess you’re gettig through your to do list with great gusto. Miss your laugh and craic. All the best for your trip. All the girls in Baalywalter Clinic

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