We got to Goreme in the region known as Kappodocia in reasonable time so we were able to check out a few places to stay and settled on Berlin Camping. A nice enough place with some cooking facilities and near to the attractions. We attempted to go to the open air museum but Helens feet were very sore from being eaten by mosquito’s in Magnavat. So rather than go waking round the place in misery we came back to the campsite and emptied the stuff off my bike for us both to climb on.

Following directions from James (the only other guy at the campsite) we headed off for Love Valley. After we missed the turnoff we found the place up an unpaved track giving a panoramic view over it and later we took the low track into the valley too. There was nobody but us and the pressed juice sellers there so we got a look round parts that most people don‘t get to see thanks to David for the little bit more off-road confidence I had.

The next day we got up early to see hot air balloons taking off and look round the open air museum properly. It was interesting to see all the little cave houses and churches that had been built in to the natural sandstone rock formations. I wondered if they had not been done before would they be allowed to build them today or would it be some sort of protected park or something. It must have been a very strange place when it was inhabited.

I got talking to James later that day who was travelling in a 1969 LPG converted VW camper van. He‘d had a brake problem too although it was a slave cylinder that went. He ended up importing the part from UK but had a lot of customs problems involving coach trips to other cities and a lot of money to sort out. In the end it would have been cheaper for him to fly home, get the part and fly out again. All in the name of pig headed bureaucracy that helps no-one. I was beginning to be thankful I had not had to import the brake pads or caliper seals for my bike.

we tried to go to an underground city nearby to see what it was like but failed miserably due to roadworks and several missed turn-offs. Helen was falling asleep on the back of the bike so we turned around sharpish and took it easy for the rest of the night. In the morning we headed off into the unknown again.

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