Catch up

Blog is updated and almost up to date except for Lahore where we currently are. If you are missing where you were then start at “Greeted in Gurun” and read forwards. I have also added a load of photos, some of which go back further if you want to have a squizz. Can’t figure out how to get a gallery of all images in the media library onto the site in wordpress, open to suggestions…


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13 Responses to Catch up

  1. Lenzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz says:

    Looking forward to the next postings ….

  2. Stephen says:

    Aw man I’m so jealous sounds like you 2 are collecting some amazing stories, glad you’re sharing them 🙂

  3. Vincent and Brucie says:

    Really great to read what you’ve been up to, life in Co Down will never be quite the same again. Solid ice garden now for a full week, snow just frozen!! Briefly hit +1 deg C today, below freezing for several days! Cats happy, don’t think V goes out much and B def doesn’t like snow so she sticks to the edge of the garden where it’s thawed slightly!! C’s transfer tests complete, last 1 today was harder and didn’t fin properly, lowest mark is disregarded so should be ok. D has a corneal abrasion so he has sat in the house for 2/7, being waited on hand and foot whilst I blitz the house and put all the decs up and run children everywhere!! Have to get all done it’s op -2/7 now and I’m spending Mon in B’walter. Just to get the Christmas tree up now, am so tired think I’ll just leave it 2nt, unless I get a 2nd wind, will make some tea!! Have fun and keep safe, lots of love Ruth

  4. Deana says:

    You guys have come so far, in more ways than one, since we met before your ferry out of Blighty 🙂 It’s been great to catch up with your news, and now, after an hour or two of reading your posts, I can switch off for a while and catch up with my housework. Know what I’d rather be doing though lol

  5. Mum says:

    What an adventure! Really scary reading from a mums point of view. I’m glad my hair is already white. Love and miss you both.xx

  6. Michael says:

    Good to get all your news – had worried you had dropped into a huge pothole somewhere – never to emerge again! You have had some amazing experiences which will live with you for the rest of your lives. We are very quick to forget about the troubles of people in Pakistan and Haiti when the news drops out of the headlines. The people there are incredibly resilient – they could definitely teach us a few things!
    I see Ruth (or perhaps Vincent) has updated you with our recent weather woes. Thankfully we have not been hit as badly as Scotland and England and sadly we have not had an excuse to close the surgery for a few days. Louise has now moved to Daisy Hill – where did the last few months go? Phil is doing a great job and passed his AKT really well (despite his obsessional doubts that he would fail) – roll on the CSA! Just did a redeye last night so feeling a bit tired – certainly no opportunity to lie down. All the rest of the staff are fine and our new practice manager, Anne Larmour, has settled in well. We all miss you and think of you both often. Take care! Michael

  7. Neil's Mum says:

    Spent a happy couple of hours on a snowy Sunday afternoon reading all your blogs and looking at your photos.!! Faye and I have baked a Christmas cake. Will try to keep you both a bit!! Enjoying reading the comments that other people are leaving and I’m beginning to imagine what you all look like…..How would you describe yourselves?

  8. Andreas and Claudia says:

    Hi travelers

    In case You don’t read any former replys….
    We’ve left You one short mail regarding the beginning of the journey and one somewhat later on.
    Had a reading session with Claudia yesterday, but didn’t reach the “catch up ” – thing.
    IT’s a lot of reading and looking pics.
    But we enjoy it greatly.

    Beeing anxious for Your time ion India, best regards from Claudia and Andreas.

  9. Fayezo says:

    Just finished reading all the new blogs and checking out the new pics. Glad to hear that you’re both getting along rightly, meeting fellow adventurers and finding every KFC in the northern hemisphere! Think of you both every day and wonder what you’re up to. Lots of love.

  10. Brian says:

    Hiya Both of you
    Hope all is well. Enjoyed your last blog lots.
    Keep us informed how and when you are getting through India.
    Missing you loads. Take lots of care.

  11. Matthew says:

    You’re missing the snow…

  12. Brian says:

    Snow still here & more to come.
    Hope all is well with you two. lol.

  13. Vincent and Brucie says:

    Wishing you a very warm and Happy Christmas! We’ll go for a happy one, V and B will be sleeping on a blanket on the end of a bed all day and briefly coming down to play, eat and use the warm litter, not even B ventured out today even though temp rose above freezing for the 1st day in over a week, still solid ice and snow outside. Panto tomorrow at the Waterfront. Trying not to do much with hand, started to get v sore again – I may need some fluclox, was doing well until now. D has been great when not working, doing all the ironing! Can manage most things l handed, just v slow!! Just heard V delicately [!] jumping off the bed upstairs, better get them settled for the night! Take care, lots of love Rx

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