How many are we?

Helen and I were wondering who all is reading the blog after hearing that friends of friends are tuned in. So submit a comment to say hello on this post please and we’ll see!

p.s. photos from Lahore onwards to be uploaded soon.


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35 Responses to How many are we?

  1. Fayezo says:

    Me! 🙂

  2. Deana says:

    Me too. I keep your site open constantly 🙂 and it’s the first site we check on in the morning, and the last we view before going to bed. It’s lovely to hear that you are both ok, despite Helen’s recurring tummy problems (((hugs))) I know you still have a long way to go, but I am really looking forward to hearing you both do a talk at some stage in the future. When we met in Newcastle, I was on my way back to work so told everyone that I had bumped into you, and that I wasn’t crazy afterall (it’s common knowledge that I want to do a similar trip in 2 years time). I have been keeping my colleagues updated on your journey ever since, almost as if you were family lol

  3. Dan J says:

    You know I’m here Neil… Looking forward to catching up with all the updates made today (30th Dec) on my phone whilst soaking in the bath – it’s been great reading so far. A good few people have done journeys similar to yours but have they been on a diesel bike? Nope! You can safely say you were the first. Glad to hear how well Helen is getting on too. Maybe in 2011 you’ll both make it to the UK and German rallies? I hope to also though my wife is due with our second child at the end of May so it might only be a brief visit to the UK one for me! All the best for 2011 and see you soon… Dan

  4. Ian says:


    Can’t remember how exactly I came across your site but I look in every once in a while to check your progress.
    I have been planning my own RTW for over 3 years now, so I regularly read through peoples travel blogs (plus HU and ADV rider etc.) for any useful info – and to check out the nice pics.
    I’m also from Bangor btw.

    Good luck

    • Neil says:

      Good to have you on board Ian. I am collecting GPS waypoints for hotels as we go and will post them up on Horizons Unlimited at some point. I am sure you will be well prepared though over 3 years – I was welding at the bike a week before we left. I’m happy to meet you when we are home if you like though do try to make it to the HU meet in Enniskillen in May if you have not been – it was very informative for us.

      • Ian says:

        I went to HU in Ripley this year (and also 2 years ago) Like you say, very informative. Yeh, would love to meet up sometime on your return. Not so sure about ‘well prepared’ though, so far preparation has largely consisted of earning money and not spending it!

  5. desdad says:

    Keep her lit Desdad

  6. Des & Judith says:

    Really enjoying reading your blogs . Hope Helen is feeling better .

  7. Liam McILhone says:

    I’m Sparticus!!!

    Safe riding and Happy New Year. Maybe see you at HU Ireland get-together in Enniskillen on 27/29 May 2011?


  8. Neil's Mum says:

    I’m Sparticus too!!!

  9. Peter Smith says:

    Hi guys,
    its great to see the progress you two are making. I found your card the other day and logged on for the first time. We are the Hartlepool lads who met you on the car decks on dfds ferry amsterdam, I have the bmw r1200c, chis was on the Rocket and Mick on the bandit.
    I thought we were adventerous touring Germany and then you told me your route. It made me feel such a light weight, all i can say is mega, there is nothing better than travel. Keep those wheels turning.
    Merry Christmas
    Peter Smith

    • Neil says:

      Peter! We remember you well. I was recalling when Helen helped you guys strap down yer bikes 🙂 I wondered how the weather in Germany was for you guys, I was in Heidlburg a year before with my mate Jonny and we got constant rain for about 4 days. Seems like a lifetime ago we were on the boat now and hard to imagine it was part of the trip we are still on!

  10. Daniel says:

    Hi Neil and Helen,

    I follow your adventures every so often and can hardly believe all the experiences you’re having. You seem to be encountering all shades of human nature, good and bad. I wish you both safe travel and good health in 2011 and look forward to reading more of your escapades,

  11. Vincent and Brucie says:

    V + B following avidly… well actually avidly curled up on the bed just now, V stretches out for a tummy rub when we pass by and esp when coming down [when called – whistle, works like a dream] always stretches out on the kitchen floor before bed every night and often through the day. B prob on C’s bunk bed won’t be shifted and meows when we have to prise her away!! D spotted your update, I just got a chance to read it now, took me ages as I was watching Father Ted!! Sorry to hear H, you’ve been repeatedly unwell, maybe the worming tabs… works well for cats!!Really hope you feel good soon and a v Happy New Year to you both. [Trying back to work on Tues, not sure I can do much but will have a go at something, better than not, have driven to Springhill hand not great but still doing well] Better put your babies to bed!! Rxx

    • Vincent and Brucie says:

      PS Watchout Neil, if Helen is anything like Brucie taking her worming tablet you’ll be scarred for life!!

      • Helen says:

        We’re impressed if you managed to get her to take it as no matter how far down her throat we thought we got it she still managed to spit it out!!! Sounds like they are really behaving like their old selves, Neil and I enjoy your descriptions as they are so familiar to us! Hope you’re getting better!

        • Vincent and Brucie says:

          I think she spat most of it out, or should I say frothed it out, she thought the big red Christmas rug was the best place to recuperate, whilst Cameron shouted “Rabid cat!!’ D managed to lift her before she rolled, didn’t spill a drop! Babywipes did the trick….

  12. mr chips says:

    Hi Neil, I was in touch with you some time back via the Dieselbike forum when my own diesel trike was undergoing a big rebuild here in Co. Antrim. I got it on the road again in the summer and had a fair few similar adventures to your own in terms of annoying/frustrating breakdowns etc, although usually easier to get sorted I imagine! The blog is a fascinating read, especially as I’ve had idle fantasies about undertaking a longer-distance trip of my own, although not as ambitious as yours. Only started reading it about six weeks ago, so after getting through the majority in one go as a sort of single story, I’m really only getting used to the “live” element now, wondering how you’re getting on etc.

    You seem to have developed a talent for wading through the bureaucracy, or maybe you just prefer to make the long story short in that regard! It comes across that India and Pakistan in particular have affected you greatly in terms of the way you perceive the contrasts between the relative luxury of your position and the lives of the people you encounter. Have to say India sounds like a very challenging place to ride a bike, I don’t think I’d have the nerve even to drive a car there. Hope Helen gets well soon and that you both make it there & back in one piece. Happy New Year!

    • Neil says:

      Hey thanks for the post Andy, I remember you. Glad to hear the trike is coming on well – how about making it over to the diesel bike rally in summer? India and Pakistan have been a real awakener for both of us but in a good way I think. Will try to get some more posts on soon!

  13. Kyle says:

    Most enjoyable read Neil happy new year tou you and Helen

  14. Lenzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz says:

    G’day …

  15. David and Juliet says:

    Hi you two,

    Hope you had a good Christmas and very best wishes to you both for the New Year. My word, you’ve had some experiences. Hope Helen’s health problems come to an end.

    Good luck on the road(s) ahead,

    David, Juliet and George in Turkey

  16. Matthew says:

    I reading 🙂

  17. Stuart says:

    I’m reading too Neil. Most interesting. Glad the bike seems to be coping well. As you can imagine I zoom in everytime it gets a mention lol. I am coming to like this Ducati 750SS I’ve got my hands on and plan to sell the Street Triple come spring. I still may get a new tank for the No 2 as you know but its been so cold here I’ve not been tinkering much. And only had one ride out in recent weeks. A foot or more of snow saw to that. And that was good planning, touring out of Ireland when the water pipes burst in the freezing conditions 🙂
    You guys stay well & take it easy.

  18. Melissa says:

    I look in now and then to see what part of the country your in and how things are going. Hope you feel better Helen and your house is still in one piece. Emma only has 2 weeks to go till baby number 2 is out.
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year
    Love The Monaghans 🙂

  19. Stephen says:

    I’ve been reading and keeping Laura, Joshua and James updated 🙂

    Joshua wants to know when Helen is coming back with her bike.


  20. Michael says:

    Hi – have been keeping track of your journey. We received your Christmas Card from India. Everyone says hello and wishing you all the best on your onward journey.

  21. Mark Wilson says:

    I have been having a Geoff Duke also Neil.

    You see the way I tried to bring some motor biking orignated rhyming slang into things 😉

    In fact – is it sad if I say I check most days to see how you are getting on. Hope all is well.


  22. Colonial Mick says:

    Ride carefully and bring that ripper of a bike to Australia so I can have a look !

  23. We both too, and are very interested, as we are planning to go to India this year in autumn too.
    Have luck and take care.
    Claudia and Andreas

  24. gordon hook says:

    Hi there hope you both ok. stumbled across your blog when looking into desiel bikes , your doing what most off us have dreamt of doing but will never get to do. you will have so many wonderful memories to treasure all your lives. I can only say all the very best with the rest of your journey , but i think you two will make your own luck in all you do in life. Regards Gordon.

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