The rest of Austria…..

We woke up the next day to the sun shining on the hills below us and set off in the direction of Wien (Vienna).  We stocked up on supplies of food at the local SPAR (yes that’s SPAR!) and received many a bewildered stare from the locals.

We’ve noticed that the further we get from home the stranger the looks we get.  Some just blatantly stare but thankfully most smile, wave or even take pictures!  We were approached by a lovely Austrian man at a rest stop who enquired in perfect English as to what we were doing.  He explained that he was a motorcyclist himself and wished us luck on our journey.

The day ended in a campsite in Tuln beside the Danube about 30 miles from Wien where we camped for the night ready to head  toward Budapest the next day.

We vowed to one day return to Austria as even in our short stay we had seen some amazing scenery.

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