The Route

Like all good plans this is subject to change, but the intended rough route is shown below.

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5 Responses to The Route

  1. lee hall says:

    hi I am planning a similar route to yours next year have you any info about getting the bike from india to thailand? prices, who to talk to and stuff like that



  2. zeki avar says:

    we all hope you are enjoying your ride through turkey.
    wish you all the best and luck.

  3. Antoine Le-Ray says:

    Got a house in perth, WA, Australia, welcome to our spare room if you want it. Good on you guys. Can offer enthusiasm and shelter.

    • Neil says:

      hey thanks for the offer. still in nepal from helen being ill so now not 100 percent sure of our route through oz. will keep updating the blog and let u know!

  4. reece says:

    Hi your trip sounds great I live at yellow waters in Kakadu and am more than happy to show u around just email me when u get close.

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