Comin’ home ma!

You may have noticed there have been no updates from us in a while. Unfortunately it looks like we have to suspend our trip at this point for reasons beyond our control. Hopefully, this will be a temporary break and we will be able to resume the trip at some point soon.

Thanks to everyone who has followed our progress and given supportive comments over the past 5 months. It’s always been great to know you have been along with us. I’ll fill in the missing last month or so as soon as we get a moment.

Keep in touch!

Neil + Helen

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9 Responses to Comin’ home ma!

  1. Neil's Mum says:

    ‘mon home Son. I’ve already made a start on the sherry trifle and bannoffi….

  2. David and Juliet says:

    Mums, ain’t nothing like them. Sounds like the home fires are stoked. The two empty places around the table will soon be filled and a giggle or two will fill the space, left empty when you departed.

    Hats off to both of you.


    The Turks (and Harold) xx

  3. Fayezo says:

    Oh hang on I haven’t wrapped your Christmas presents yet!! There’s a few hugs waiting for you when you get back. Lots of love F

  4. Stephen says:

    Looking forward to seeing you 2 again, See you soon!


  5. ruth says:

    Will send u a message on FB, lots of love Rxx

  6. suraj Dhakal says:

    we are missing you since you left Katmandu, Nepal.
    Hope to see you soon in future
    suraj and Saru

  7. mr chips says:

    Hope you’re both ok, it’ll be nice for you to get some home comforts after such a long time on the road.

  8. Hi both of You.

    Reading Your last posts did us concern a bit.
    What happend ?
    Why are you talking of suspend the trip for now ?
    We both,Claudia and me would like to know…… !
    Hope, Your health is not the reason, but what else…. ?
    If You dont’t want to speak of it now, no problem.
    Then perhaps later.
    Take care and keep going.

    Claudia and Andreas

  9. Dan J says:

    Well come on then… blog update please! Hope Helen is ok now?

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