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Fuel Consumption

Here are the actual fuel consumption figures for the Tiger the trip (click for larger view). There was a gap in Iran where I was unable to find out how much fuel I was getting (it was rude to ask … Continue reading

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Back home

So we are back home and deluged with the day to day stuff that does not seem so important anymore. It took a full 20 minutes to get the bonnet open on the car to connect the battery charger. The … Continue reading

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Pack up lets go!

So with the decision made that we needed to come home that just left the logistics of doing it. Unfortunately for the motorcycle adventurer this is a lot easier said than done. We were very fortunate to be in Kathmandu … Continue reading

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Comin’ home ma!

You may have noticed there have been no updates from us in a while. Unfortunately it looks like we have to suspend our trip at this point for reasons beyond our control. Hopefully, this will be a temporary break and … Continue reading

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We left Tansen fairly early. With Helen not feeling well again it seemed to heap a sense of more urgency and stress on me that we should try to clear the rest of the road up quickly and get to … Continue reading

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We opted for the wriggly mountain road to Pokhara which worked out approx 60 miles in a straight line, but more like 120 miles by this road. Tansen closer to the border than Pokhara but we were slow in leaving, … Continue reading

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We had aimed to stay in Gorakhpur but with the late start and tough roads we only managed about 60 miles before it started to get dark. This was not helped by a long painful detour in Mau because I … Continue reading

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The hotel was quite pleasant with a big central courtyard to park the bikes and a nice friendly receptionist guy called Sundip from Nepal. He seemed to silently understand the hectic nature of India and what we must have been … Continue reading

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Khajuraho to Rewa and Varanasi

Over the next couple of days we saw the temples complete with some interesting carvings and I managed to get my hair cut. This time it was by a barber who told me he had 19 years experience. This seemed … Continue reading

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The Bikes

It occurred to me that I have not written much about the bikes in a while so time for a wee bonus post. Everywhere we go the bike is key. It takes us to the new places while demanding relatively … Continue reading

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