We opted for the wriggly mountain road to Pokhara which worked out approx 60 miles in a straight line, but more like 120 miles by this road. Tansen closer to the border than Pokhara but we were slow in leaving, since we were tired from India the day before and just getting accustomed to the change in country so we headed there anyway. As we rounded one corner we were met with the sight of an Italian couple 2 up on an 1150GSA. We stopped to chat and talk about where we had been and where we were going.

Turned out they flew the bike into Kolkata and rode into Nepal. They were headed back into India and then on to Varanasi, Agra and Rajesthan. They found the traffic and roads so far tough going which didn#t bode well for what lay ahead of them. The man was impressed by Helen riding her own bike and seemed to be wondering why the woman didn’t want to ride one herself too. We had a bit of craic with this for a while before wishing each other well and heading our separate ways. I noticed they had patches on their bike gear for TDF in South America. Given their experiences here I thought the conditions in SA must be pretty good and would like to go there one day.

We made it to Tansen Srinagar hotel around 3 which left plenty of time to admire the views and have some dinner. When we went to leave in the morning Helen did not feel well again…

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