Szeged and the worst hotel ever….


Decor to be proud of…hmm

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  1. Hi You two strange and brave travellers.

    We are currently spending this snowy sunday morning in looking for the first time on Your blog at this site.
    Amazing !
    You haven’t been in India or Pakistan yet…. otherwise You’d have appreciated the first hotelroom in Hungary, I assure You.
    Perhaps You are thinking now, as You are there, a little different about the standards ?
    But enough of that. We’ll keep reading and enjoying Your stories.
    And be assured : We are not just a little jealous !!
    Keep going and good luck.

    Andreas and Claudia

    • Neil says:

      an interesting point you made there. some worse places later on for sure, but at least that is reflected in the price. can barely remember hungary now. i think our standards changed a lot since then…

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