The road the guys followed out to Bam was not on my satnav so I dropped back to see what was going to happen. They asked a taxi driver for directions at one point, but the road was fine, and a nice change from the usual boring (but superb surface) main roads. We stopped for photos beside a precarious looking boulder perched just above a steep drop. The rest of the road took us straight into Bam where we already had GPS co-ordinates for Akbir Hostel, easy peasy apart from the crosswinds. I went behind Helen and immediately saw her bike constantly cranked over in the wind and occasionally blown off course by a gust of wind. The tiger on the other hand was getting it comparatively easy, perhaps due to the weight difference or else the shape I am not sure.

Mr Akbir was a charming man in his 70‘s with a very witty sense of humour and a penchant for torturing his guests with riddles. He had a nice take on life though which probably came in useful when the earthquake hit Bam 5 years before and demolished everything he had. One particular touching story was when he helped some motorcycle travellers who had problems years before the quake, lending them money and fixing their bike and how they returned to help immediately they heard of the earthquake. His philosophy was simply that what goes around comes around.

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