Brake pads

Just a quıck post. Will do a proper one ın next day or 2. Currently in Istanbul! My bike needs front brake pads if anyone has any ideas…

Update = seem to have found something resembling the correct pads in a little back street shop. Will know more when I go to fit them…

Another update. The pads fit ok although left and right are labelled the wrong way round. And they seem to be pretty decent since the box says they are sintered. Who knows if it is the truth or not but I have a spare set now too. Bad news is one of the retaining pins head rounded off on me on the (thankfully) other side. Should be ok until the pads that side wear out but might be fun after. Some work required before that happens…

Changing them in the street outside the Hostel in the fading light was interesting. The bike seemed to be becoming a tourist attraction itself.


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9 Responses to Brake pads

  1. Brian says:

    Hi Neil Hi Helen
    If your new pads dont fit you will have to file/adapt them.
    Just read about someone else getting back from being far foreign and having to do the same
    after giving his mate the only spare pads he had with him.
    Be very careful doing this as out there they WILL contain asbestos. (& goodness knows what else)
    (camel dung & clay?)
    Bit of water when filing. Good luck give my best to Helen.

  2. Deana says:

    Hi guys, I’ve only just found most of your posts 🙂 and was lovely to get a mention on your write-up of Newcastle. You’re certainly not hanging around getting out of Europe!

  3. Big Sis says:

    Hi guys

    Like the pics……. we miss you loads !!

    Les xx

  4. rachel says:

    Well – fave moments so far – neils beard coming along nicely – loving your accessorizing with your jaunty scarf and the helen beer!
    Looks like you are having an amazing adventure! Ups and downs!
    News from home – your mum came to see my pitiful garden and promises to work wonders for my dry and shady patch! Also Matty B nearly walking – 4 steps yesterday and hopefully more to come this weekend!
    Much love to you both – keep her lit!! xxxx

  5. Jonny McM says:

    Just been told about this site and its been great reading up on your progress, the two of yous are looking great. Funny how my only thought is how I hope the big lad has packed the special one off thin walled socket!!! Take great care and all the girls send their love, me too of course.
    PS, Theres nothing wrong with ginger beards Neil, In fact im gonna grow one too while your away!!!!!

    • Neil says:

      Sorry you did not know about the site but was gonna send you an emaıl to check anyway. Specıal socket packed along wıth specıal spanner for front sprocket and bıg set of vıce grıps for when all else faıls! send us a pıc of the beard!!


  6. Neil's Mum says:

    Think Jonny McM should post a picture of his ginger beard too! Maybe we could have a GINGER BEARD COMPETITION. What about you joining in too Matthew??

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