Budapest in a day…

We awoke after quite a broken nights sleep with the plan of seeing some of Budapest.  At certain points of the night there seemed to be an abundance of sirens going off.  Having spent the night thinking that we were staying in some crime ridden, depraved part of the city I was somewhat reassured to find that we were in fact right next to a hospital!

We headed to the nearby metro station to be met by some very grumpy train inspectors who seemed to spend their days standing in groups, smoking and occasionally barking at the odd passenger.  Having spent a bit of time trying to understand the unrecognisable station names we hopped on the metro and headed to the castle district of the city.

Having spent days and nights on motorways and camping in the countryside with only ourselves for company, it felt very strange to be in the city again and surrounded by tourists.

We spent some time dandering around the castle and parliament areas admiring Budapest’s stunning architecture on either side of the Danube.

On returning to the campsite I had a chat with the guys who ran the place to try and gather some thoughts on where we should head next.  We had two choices, Romania or Serbia.  Serbia would cost money for insurance at the border but was reported to have very good roads and so we could make good progress.  Conversely Romania had poor roads but was very cheap.  The campsite guys seemed to think that Romania’s roads were very slow and not great for motorcycles.  We banked the information and would decide towards the border.

That night we made a new friend in the form of a little kitten who came over to our tent.  After a little rummage through our things he went again, only to return later and curl up on Neil’s knee!

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4 Responses to Budapest in a day…

  1. Neil's Mum says:

    OMG. Neil you have a beard and it looks…………GINGER !!

    Helen please take a close -up photo so that I can have a better look!!

    • Helen says:

      It is ginger!!! Isnt actually too bad…Ill try to get a sneaky picture! Ive been teasing him about going to a Turkish barberHelen xx

  2. Fayezo says:

    Are you bringing Bruce and Vincent a new pal home Neil?! Should I go and buy some more cat milk?! Sounds like you’re fairly motoring through these countries. Amazing to think that you’ve driven all the way to Istanbul on something you built in your garage! Hope the elastic band holds out to Sydney!! Miss you both loads 🙂

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