Before we got to Konya we saw a couple of pension/campgrounds along the way. we turned at the sign for one and headed down the road. We were met by some kids who first spoke some English “hello, my name is“ followed quickly by “turkish lira, turkish lira“.

Simultaneously the owner of the place Rasheem came running out to meet us. we got the sales pitch for a room but in the end negotiated a campsite for 20 lira. Helen was not comfortable with the pushy sales approach but we went anyway. After setting up the owner came over again to ask about dinner but seemed disappointed when he found out we had stuff with us to make. He then came again to suggest a drink so we said ok.

We had our first taste of Rakki, the local Turkish drink of aniseed brandy somewhat similar to Ouzo (though I didn’t mention that in case it would cause some sort of offence). Another drink came with the promise it was free and then another couple plus beer followed with the offer of a joint and a Turkish girl (both declined in case you wondered). We were offered a room instead of the tent for the same price and it all got rather messy with the owner guy up dancing. we went to bed as he went out to get some urgently needed Chicken soup 2km away by taksi.

In the morning things were somewhat more subdued over the free breakfast we were also promised. Somehow all this free stuff came to 4 times the original price quoted for camping which put the beer over par with even Dublin prices. A final error was made though that I won‘t go into here but suffice to say we were quite lucky for our experience. We took it for a lesson well learned to agree the price for everything upfront even if it seems rude. Even so, the false courtesy was beginning to get under the skin.

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  1. Neil's Mum says:

    Joint?? What kind of joint Neil??? Beef??

    From your puzzled Mother.

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